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MEDITATION & BreATHWORK Teacher Training

Meditation & BREATHWORK Teacher Training

Discover Your Path to Meditation Mastery

Embark on a transformative journey to become a certified meditation and breathwork teacher with our comprehensive and immersive training program. Our unique approach combines ancient wisdom with modern techniques, providing a holistic curriculum designed to enrich your personal practice and equip you with the skills to guide others on their journey.

Program Details:

Duration: 4 modules (8 days)
spaced over 6 months
Start Date: June 13, 2024


55 000 SEK - inkl moms

44 000 SEK - exkl moms

This training is full, but you can apply to join the waitlist!

About the TRAINING

Embark on a transformative journey with The NOW! Modern Meditation and Breathwork Teacher Training, a comprehensive and immersive program designed to elevate your personal practice and equip you with the skills to guide others. 

Across four modules spanning eight days over four months, you’ll delve into the foundations of meditation, breathwork, mantra meditation, chakras, and the seven spiritual laws of success. Our holistic approach ensures a deep understanding of meditation’s physiological, psychological, and spiritual dimensions. Engage in practical experiences, exploring advanced techniques, leading groups, and refining your teaching skills. Uncover your unique teaching style through personalized development, integrating modern tools such as online check-ins and virtual courses. 

Join a supportive community dedicated to personal growth and meditation mastery. Upon completion, receive The NOW Meditation and Breathwork Teacher Diploma, celebrating your journey to becoming a beacon of personal development for others. Transform your passion into a fulfilling career— enroll now and discover your path to mastery with The NOW!

Course structure

The NOW! Modern Meditation and Breathwork Teacher Training unfolds across four modules, each spanning two consecutive days over four months, creating an enriching and balanced 200-hour curriculum. 

In the foundational module, explore the historical and cultural roots of meditation, master breathwork techniques, and gain insights into the science behind meditation and breathwork. Progress to the transformative power of mantra meditation and the energy centers within the body in the second module. The third module elevates your consciousness and teaching skills, guiding you through effective presentations, group dynamics, and the application of spiritual laws of success to your teachings. Finally, the fourth module refines your teaching skills, introduces marketing strategies, and concludes with a celebration of your journey. 

Throughout, engage in practical experiences, online check-ins, and virtual courses, fostering a supportive community committed to personal growth and meditation mastery. This unique structure ensures a holistic understanding of meditation while equipping you with the confidence and competence to embark on a fulfilling career as a certified meditation teacher. 

Included in the TRAINING


who should apply?

This training is by invitation only. Apply today! 


dates and registration

Göteborg 2024


Payment options

Meet the teachers for this TRAINING

The NOW meditation Norvy Brandin

Norvy Brandin

Norvy is a certified International ICC-Coach, Chopra Meditation Instructor and transformational coach working with businesses and individuals since 2007. He began his career as a championship speedway racer. In 2010 launched his creative production agency, NB Communication.

During his time as a speedway racer, Norvy became very familiar with dealing directly with fear. It was during one of his races, he was propelled into a moment of absolute “stillness”, where everything moved in slow motion. This experience stayed with him for years. He began to seek the explanation of this “stillness”. First, he learned to meditate. Norvy has studied under numerous world-renowned mystics and spiritual teachers, including Ram Dass, one of the greatest spiritual teachers of our time and author of “Be Here Now”. He also has studied with Dr. Deepak Chopra, holistic health guru and NY Times best selling author with whom Norvy received his certification to teach Primordial Sound Meditation at The Chopra Center in Carlsbad California. He most recently received his advanced certification as a Master of Wisdom and Meditation from internationally acclaimed expert, educator and award winning author, David Ji.

  • Primordial Sound Mantra Meditation Instructor, Chopra Center
  • Certified Master of Wisdom and Meditation Instructor, DavidJi
  • Certified International ICC Coach
  • Certified International Business and Leadership Coach
  • Certified Stress Coach
  • Certified in DISC
The NOW Tara Hunnewell black and white

Tara Hunnewell

Tara is an educator and transformational coach with more than 20 years experience in the health and well-being industry. She specializes in teaching meditation, breathwork and yoga as well as emotional intelligence, public speaking and communication skills. Tara has studied with some of the most influential figures in the world of personal development and enjoys leading advanced trainings, workshops, and international retreats across the globe.

She is committed to spreading her passion for truth-seeking, adventure, and awakening joy in all hearts across the globe.

Tara is also an accomplished singer, actress, TV host and motivational speaker. She received her BFA at Marymount Manhattan College where she studied acting, dance and singing. She has studied acting at the acclaimed Stella Adler Conservatory in NYC as well as with Tony Greco of The Actor’s Studio. She is a classically trained opera singer and has performed in over 50 Theatre and Musical Theatre Productions around the United States. Tara is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and has appeared in numerous commercial, television and film productions.

Tara began her spiritual journey in 2001 when she received certification to teach hatha, kundalini and vinyasa yoga, and meditation from Prana Mandir in New York City. She has studied White Tantric Yoga, under the guidance of Yogi Bhajan, Ph D, Master of Kundalini Yoga and Mahan Tantric. She has led workshops and seminars on creativity, public speaking, meditation and yoga and has studied with Dr. Deepak Chopra, holistic health guru and NY Times best selling author.

She has also enjoyed a multifaceted career in philanthropy, and sales and marketing, including experience with the Fortune 1000 companies HBO, Condé Nast, and Univision.

Her study with energy, intuition, emotional intelligence, communication, and her inherit sensitivity, has given her the gift of teaching from a deeply connected and highly vibrational space. Tara’s work is highly transformational and empowering

  • Certified Meditation and Yoga Instructor
  • Certified Business and Leadership Trainer
  • Certified Stress Coach
  • Public Speaking Coach
  • BFA in Acting

What they say

“”Embarking on this training journey with Tara and Norvy has been a profound and enlightening experience. The depth of knowledge shared and the personalized guidance received has not only deepened my own practice but equipped me to inspire others on their journey. Grateful for this empowering experience – truly life-changing!”

– Anna Lindgren

“Tara and Norvy are inspirational teachers, profoundly knowledgeable and kind. Learning from them has changed my life, not only having a positive impact on my health, but in small ways altering my awareness and approach so that I find myself guided in the right direction without having to try. I am able to explore my own potential, to follow my own path and to be more conscious of others as I do so.”

– Malin Svensson

“Joining has been by far one of the most rewarding investments in myself. It has been so inspiring and motivating to listen and follow every instruction given by Tara and Norvy! I am so grateful.”

– Oana Moisa

“Powerful and amazing. I really loved that it was theory and a lot of hands on practice. If you are looking to calm your mind and open your heart and feel more then look no further – Tara and Norvy will show you a very simple but life changing way how to do so.”

– Sasha Johannisson 

“Tara and Norvy are great no nonsense teachers and genuinely kind humans. You will have a fun time if you take their course :)”

– Finn Aldèn-Joyce

“Tara and Norvy are extremly good at delivering this course, in an orderly, loving and informative way. It will change your life! Awesome instructors. I can’t recommend the NOW enough!”

– Johan Kristenson

Questions and answers

No specific experience is required for meditation teacher training. All that’s necessary is an open mind, an open heart, and the willingness to embark on a meditation practice.

Experience the serene ambiance of our cozy studio located on Kastellgatan, providing a natural and peaceful setting for your transformative journey.

Standard tuition is 55,000 sek, incl moms, with the option of a flexible payment plan to ease your journey. Tuition encompasses a comprehensive course syllabus, a required reading list, and access to the online webinar schedule. Additionally, you’ll enjoy a one-on-one Skype session with Norvy and take home a Meditation Teacher Training Certificate, a course workbook, teaching toolkit, professionally recorded meditation track starring you and a 90-day follow-up program upon completing the training.

No formal tests or exams are conducted. However, all Teachers in Training are encouraged to submit a letter before the workshop, outlining their goals and intentions. Written assignments and designated tasks will be required before gradutation. Details and instructions for this process will be provided during the initial webinar.


To foster a more personalized connection among students and facilitate engagement with Tara and Norvy during the training, registration is capped at 20 students. This ensures an intimate and enriching learning experience for all participants.

We value the significance of financial flexibility in your wellness journey. We’re pleased to collaborate with you to establish a convenient payment plan tailored to suit your needs.


We understand that plans may change. If you need to cancel your enrollment in our meditation teacher training, here’s our straightforward return policy:

  • Cancellation within 7 days of registration: Full refund issued.
  • Cancellation after 7 days or if on a payment plan: Credit toward a future program, provided cancellation occurs more than 30 days before the session starts.
  • Credit is vaild for 18 months after purchase date.

Please note: A non-refundable booking fee of SEK 3,000 is applicable upon acceptance, and in the event of cancellation, this fee will not be returned.

For any inquiries or assistance, feel free to contact our team. Your satisfaction is our priority.


Absolutely! Upon completing this training, you’ll not only be fully certified but also well-equipped to confidently lead meditations. Whether it’s in your workplace, school, or with private clients, you’ll have the skills to guide with assurance and authenticity, drawing from your personal experience. The wisdom gained will empower you, and you’ll continue to receive support from Tara, Norvy, and The NOW community throughout your journey.